Flights to Dijon

Hooray, Dijon Airport is back on the map!  From Monday 6th of June Eastern Airways will be running flights 3 times a week into Dijon from – Southampton?  Have a look at the details direct from Eastern Airways

OK so Southampton is not the easiest airport to get to in the UK – but it is a start and as Dijon becomes better known, more UK destinations will follow.  One of the best things about the flights, it that they are all inclusive, so no additional charges for check-in, hold baggage or choice of seat.  They also offer complimentary tea or coffee and snacks, I know you don’t need to eat on short flights but why is it, the minute you board the cheap airlines you have an irresistible urge for an outrageously overpriced coffee and a chocolate biscuit.  I understand that’s how they make their profit and it is how they keep the prices low but it does irritate me to have to pay so much for very little added value.

While we are on the subject, has anyone realised that it is possible to travel to Burgundy by train without that horrendous Metro trip across Paris from the Gare du Nord to the Gare du Lyon.  Twice a day, there are trains from Lille (where the Eurostar stops) direct to either Dijon or Montchanin/Le Creusot TGV.  If you book early enough you can buy Prems at only 22€ one way – all the way from Lille to Dijon, if you manage to bag one of the 69£ return tickets from the UK as well, it means you can get all the way to Dijon, from London for only 70€ each way, even cheaper than Eastern Airways.  For another 8€ you can upgrade to First Class on the French leg, what a bargain.

Speaking of bargains, you are able to leave your car at Le Creusot free of charge while you make a trip to the UK by train, Dijon is another matter altogether.

If you manage to find a flight in and out of Grenoble airport they offer free parking, quite the contrast to Geneva airport which costs an arm and a leg, no matter how long you need to park.

Send in your favourite ways to get to the region and let’s all pool tips to make the journey, just that little bit easier.