Exporting wine

One of the great parts about being introduced to the winery by a guide is that you are under no obligation to purchase wine. However, if you have enjoyed the wine and wish to take home a few memories of your wine tour you are able to do so.

If you would like to take a few bottles and are thinking of transporting some wine home in your luggage, take a look at some of the specialist wine luggage available from Lazenne. They also have some information about the rules and regulations of carrying your wine home on board an airplane.

Alternatively, benefit from tax free purchases by shipping direct to your home. France imposes a 20% duty on wine, which does not need to be paid if the wine is going overseas. In partnership with Cote d’Or Imports, a specialist wine shipper with offices in Burgundy and in Oregon we can arrange door to door shipping of your wine pleasures to many parts of the globe.

Another bonus of your day with me is that I am able to group all your wine purchases from the different wineries into one shipment, so you are able to take advantage of the degressive prices and the wine will be delivered in one delivery. Note though that you need to purchase in quantities of 6 bottles from each winery, however these can be mixed cases.